By 2025, experts predict that Millennials and Generation Z will make up the majority of the world’s workforce. And they already do. Currently, Millennials account for a third of the workforce, coming in at 53.5 million workers, and Gen Z accounts for another third at 52.7 million workers. The numbers keep growing. They’re two of the most populous generations on earth, and they’re going to have to navigate a work world full of unprecedented challenges.

Are they ready for it?

During his time as CEO of CoreAxis, Mark Zides noticed something troubling: today’s younger generations aren’t prepared to launch their careers. Somewhere along the way, they missed out on the most crucial keys to success: grit, charisma, perseverance, and emotional agility. The career landscape is rockier than ever, and they have no road map.

Winning at Hybrid Work: The #Pace Process for Early Career Success is designed to help them unlock those traits, find their footing, and achieve their goals in any field.

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Leveraging more than 30 years of experience as an entrepreneur, company founder, businessman, and CEO, Mark teaches young adults the skills they need to get their feet in the door, keep their heads down, climb the ladder, and not stop achieving until they find success. Using real life examples, research, and a little tough love, Winning at Hybrid Work: The #Pace Process for Early Career Success will equip you to not just survive the modern work world, but to conquer it.