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As a college student-athlete, Mark's course: The #PACE Process to Early Career Success has been super helpful. Especially being an athlete, I don't have as much time to know the best practices around the interview process, full application process, and more. The short, effective hour-long course was really helpful for me to get applications out so I can land interviews. I can't say enough good things about Mark and his program and I really urge college students and those who recently graduated to check it out! It is very worth it!

~Sam S, Tufts Univ. Student-Athlete

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The #PACE Process course helped me narrow down my career search and gave me some really valuable resources. It was an extremely cost-effective program that only took 2 hours to complete but really helped me decide what career path I wanted to go down! Thanks, Mark!

~Rileigh F, Tufts Univ. Student-Athlete

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I was not feeling confident or prepared to take on the interview process as I neared the end of my college graduation but once I went through Mark's #PACE Process course, I was so relived! Mark helped with prep for interviews, and develop a strong resume, and I landed more interviews last month than ever AND actually landed my dream job. So if you are thinking about joining The #PACE Process course, then do it! You won't regret it.

~Jordan B, Univ. of Oklahoma Graduate

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