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Early career success is not based on luck or chance, implement The Zides Method and reach your career goals with confidence and clarity.

Kickstart your career journey with The #PACE Process by Mark Zides! Now available at a remarkable price of just $12.50, only for graduating students!


Professional Resume Clean-up

Elevate your resume from mundane to magnificent with our Professional Resume Clean-up service. In today’s competitive job market, standing out is essential, especially for Gen Z graduates stepping into the workforce. Here’s why a resume cleanup is an absolute game-changer.

Interview Prep - 20 minutes Consultation

Launch Your Career with Mark’s Personalized Interview Coaching! Shine Bright in Your Next Interview with Tailored Guidance. Stand Out from the Crowd and Land Your Dream Job with Expert Advice Tailored Just for You!

The Zides Method Masterclass

Discover the keys to accomplishment by enrolling in The Zides Method Master Class. To improve your abilities and accomplish your objectives, delve deeply into established techniques selected by professionals in the field.

Key Course Takeaways

  • Personalized Career Guidance
  • Proven Strategies for Early Career Success
  • Mindset Training
  • Practical Skills Development
  • Ongoing Support and Mentorship
About Mark

Helping Gen Zs Unlock Their Career Potential.

Mark provides a complete infrastructure for building startups, covering capital, talent, expertise, and a cohesive methodology. Think “AWS for building startups”.

"What motivates you to start your day with passion and purpose? For me, it’s the potential to launch, grow, build, and elevate the businesses and careers of those around me."

Listen to what clients are saying

~Sam S, Tufts Univ. Student- Athlete

~Rileigh F, Tufts Univ. Student-Athlete

~Jordan B, Univ. of Oklahoma Graduate

“If you're about to embark on a new career and it seems daunting. You need to get this book. Mark Zides will help you on this journey by taking you through the beginning steps and beyond. He has forgHeadlineed a path that anyone can take. Get this book!”

~Daniel Wilson

“There should be a requirement for every young professional to read this book before entering the workplace world post-college. He is a passionate teacher who isn't afraid to use tough love and packed with practical tips as well. Mark's content gets results, is straight to the point, helpful, and doesn't waste any time.”

~Blake Randall

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When accepted into the #PACE Process program, you will gain immediate access to the self-paced video course to begin learning. We will then send you all of the helpful resources that go with the course along with an e-book copy of Mark’s award-winning book: The #PACE Process for Early Career Success.

Of course! More of a reason for you to be in this program. Our goal is to help you become an A+ hire for your dream job! If you do not have a job currently, then we highly recommend you gain the guidance from Mark so we can help you change that.

We have a one-time purchase available for $197, set yourself up for success to earn a much better job or career that you might be in right now.

You can expect results as early as you apply all of the learnings from Mark’s book, course, coaching calls, and tools. The ball is in your court to apply what you learn but what we know for sure is the information in this course will give you a much better success rate with earning interview call-backs and gaining offers that put a smile on your face.

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