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Mark is the founder and CEO of CoreAxis Consulting, an award winning Learning and Development and Talent Management firm. He is also the founder of Katama, an agency specializing in sales strategy, marketing, and customer success for small-to-medium sized businesses, and Recipi, a digital marketing agency for rental event equipment companies. Mark works tirelessly to ensure his clients, at all levels, receive the best professional development and coaching, leading to a successful career and business outcomes.

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The Difference Between Gen-Z and Everyone Else

The Difference Between  Gen-Z and Everyone Else
The Difference Between Gen-Z and Everyone Else
20 Minute Leaders’ Post
20 Minute Leaders’ Post
OnThe Backpack Show
OnThe Backpack Show

"I could very much relate to what you were saying about being a Gen Z in the workforce, especially in sales. It is all about standing out and outworking the rest!"

- Kristiyana Petrova

"In pre-event dinner, it was such a pleasure meeting a couple of amazing speakers. Mark Zides who shared his thoughts on "the difference between GenZ and Everyone Else." As a GenZ, I had a lot of self reflection after. As a recruiter, I was impressed by Mark's sharp and supportive view on new grads' talents of what "we" have to bring to the table and even change the table."

- Yirui Su

"Gen Z! As a proud member of Gen Z and a co-chair at TEDxBabsonCollege, I had the spectacular opportunity to meet Mark and work together to bring to life his idea worth spreading. His engaging and contemporary talk “The Difference between Gen Z and Everyone Else” posed challenging questions, exposed truths, and motivated the audience and me to move Ad Meliora (Toward Better Things). Mark inspired me to never stop seeking development, to improve my skills and to learn to step back and analyze how to be a better version of myself. But most importantly Mark’s talk encouraged all of us from Gen Z that what we bring to the table is valuable and much needed at work and in society!"

- Martina Garabedian

Ready to Start a Winning Career?

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Leveraging more than 30 years of experience as an entrepreneur, company founder, businessman, and CEO, Mark teaches young adults the skills they need to get their feet in the door, keep their heads down, climb the ladder, and not stop achieving until they find success. Using real life examples, research, and a little tough love, The #Pace Process for Early Career Success will equip you to not just survive the modern work world, but to conquer it.

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July 25, 2022

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July 19, 2022

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June 16, 2022

Be Brave at Work

On a mission to coach young entrepreneurs

On a mission to coach young entrepreneurs

Do you have the bug to build your own business? Mark has proven time and time again he knows how to start from the ground up.