Things Gen-Z Wants from Their Next Job


Gen-Z is the generation of the future. They are tech-savvy, ambitious, and determined to make a difference. With their unique perspective from growing up in an ever-changing digital world, they bring something special to the workplace.

But like other generations in return they expect more than a paycheck. They want something meaningful, stimulating, and enjoyable that they can invest in.

Gen-Z has some serious expectations regarding finding their dream job, from social media presence to autonomy to the right compensation plan and everything in between.

Youngest workers may be just starting their career journeys but won’t settle for anything less than what they feel is worth all that hard work.

So, if you are an employer ready to make your next hire, or a member of Gen-Z starting your career journey – get ready to learn how you can move forward together toward success.

Understanding Gen-Z in the Workplace

Understanding Gen-Z in the Workplace
Understanding Workplace

According to research, Gen-Z makes up 26% of the global workforce which means around two billion people. As the next generation, they are looking for a job that offers them a sense of purpose and allows them to make an impact.

Gen-Z is transforming the traditional workplace. Millennial workers focus more on job satisfaction, but Gen-Z wants to see results. They challenge the status quo and demand that companies think outside the box regarding how they do business.

For them, work-life balance is sacrosanct and they expect respectable flexible hours. It means having flexible schedules that allow for adequate hours of rest and leisure.

Gen-Z employees want to do something they are passionate about and create a life that will benefit them in the long term.

Things Youngest Generation Wants From Their New Job

There’s a good chance that Gen-Z will enter the job market with unique expectations set. From an employer’s perspective, understanding what Gen-Z wants is key to attracting and retaining the most diverse workforce.

Let’s see what else Gen- Z is looking for in their next job.

Compensation For Work Life Balance
Compensation For Work Life Balance

70% of Gen-Z workers say compensation is the most important factor when considering a job opportunity.

Gen-Z workers are looking for a job that allows them to have a good work-life balance. They want to enjoy life outside their career but still feel well compensated for their hard work.

And it’s natural to ask because they want to make a life for themselves, and they need to know that their job will provide them with the financial stability they need.

Clarity into Career Paths

Gen-Z is the most optimistic and purpose driven generation. While Millennials are looking for job satisfaction, Gen-Z wants to make an impact.

They value transparency and expect a clear career path from the get-go. They want to know what their future may hold regarding promotions and leadership opportunities, so they can plan accordingly.

Younger workers expect to be promoted between 6 months to 1.5 years because they want to see tangible results from their professional development. And they have a right to expect it – after all, they’re motivated, hardworking, and results-oriented.

Purpose-Driven Work 

Gen-Zers don’t just want to make money. They’re looking for jobs that align with their values and purpose. That means employers need to be transparent about their company culture, mission, and goals.

When Gen-Z feels connected to their work personally, it increases their satisfaction and loyalty toward the company. Their dream job allows them to make a difference in the world and impact their community.

As more companies become socially responsible, Gen-Z workers will be looking for employers who align with their values and are committed to making a positive change in the world.

Mentorship & Skill Development

Mentorship & Skill Development

Gen-Z greatly values mentorship and ongoing skill development opportunities within the workplace. While many know how to use modern technology like social media platforms, coding languages, etc.

Most are still new graduates who need guidance throughout the job search process and learn how to navigate corporate cultures and expectations once hired into a role.

Having mentorships available helps provide structure while giving Gen-Zers space to grow professionally without feeling micromanaged or overwhelmed by expectations from above them.

Because one wants to sit still and stagnate their career, Gen-Z has high expectations for growth. They’re looking to build their knowledge by taking advantage of educational opportunities like workshops, seminars and e-learning courses.

Gen-Z wants an innovative, forward-thinking employer committed to social responsibility. They value work-life balance and crave learning and growth opportunities.

As well as being authentic and genuine, they want clarity into their career paths and mentorship programs that help them develop professionally.

Opportunity for Growth 

Gen-Zers are looking for positions that will give them room to grow within the company and learn new skills along the way. They want a job that will challenge them intellectually and provide growth opportunities both professionally and personally.

It means giving them innovative projects that allow them to flex their creative muscles and gain valuable experience that can be used later down the road when exploring other job opportunities or starting their business venture.

Young employees understand how competitive today’s job market is. Hence, they are eager to find organizations that offer training programs or educational resources that enable employees to stay ahead of industry trends and build on existing skillsets.

A Sense of Purpose 

Gen-Z wants a job where they feel like their efforts are impacting something bigger than themselves. They value working towards something meaningful with companies that share similar values, such as sustainability or social justice causes.

Having purposeful work gives this generation an emotional connection with employers because it allows them to feel like they have found something larger than themselves – a sense of belonging within an organization that truly cares about its employees, customers, and community.

Workplace Flexibility

Gen-Z is less likely than any previous generation to say that having a good work/life balance is extremely important—but that doesn’t mean they don’t want it. Gen-Z prioritize being able to work flexibly and balance their professional commitments with their personal lives.

It includes remote work when necessary or taking advantage of flexible scheduling options like compressed work weeks or flexible hours.

Employers should be open-minded about offering these options, so Gen-Z employees can succeed professionally and personally without sacrificing one over the other.

Collaborative Workplace Culture 

The social nature of this generation means that team collaboration is key when it comes to making sure Gen-Z feel comfortable in the workplace. Gen-Z talent thrive when allowed to collaborate with colleagues on projects and solve problems as a team.

They also value working with people who share similar values including diversity and inclusion. And employers should be aware of this when creating workplace culture initiatives designed to engage with this demographic specifically.

Expect Privacy

Some young workers have grown up in an era of oversharing and constant connectivity, but that doesn’t mean they want their entire lives broadcasted to the world. Gen-Zers are keenly aware of their digital footprints and take steps to protect their privacy when possible.

Employers should be respectful of this by having clear policies regarding data security and showing a commitment to protecting employee’s personal information.

How to Attract and Retain Gen-Z Employees?

How to Attract and Retain Gen-Z Employees?
Attract Gen Z Employees

Capturing the attention of Gen-Z isn’t as tough as it may seem. To attract and retain the new generation, businesses should consider the following things.

  • Create an environment that encourages professional development and allows for ongoing learning.
  • Encourage employees to innovate and contribute their ideas; don’t simply relegate them to clerical tasks.
  • Be sure to provide ample opportunities for collaboration and working with team members from all departments, too, which will ensure a sense of connection and community.
  • Additionally, give young talent a chance to lead projects and create ways they can get hands-on experience with different problem-solving skill sets.
  • Offer benefits like flexible hours and remote working options, allowing employees to balance work with their personal lives.
  • Finally, be sure to emphasize your company’s commitment to social responsibility—this is something that Gen- Zers value immensely.

Doing so can help foster initiative and ownership among Gen-Z workers while building meaningful relationships with their peers.

Ultimately, if you foster a passion for learning, innovation, and growth among your workforce – professionally and personally – you will naturally attract the best Gen-Z employees for your team.

Meet the Needs of the New Workforce

Gen-Z is looking for more than just any old job; they want something that will personally and professionally fulfill them. Flexibility, learning opportunities, and meaningful work are all important factors in finding a job that satisfies these needs.

Employers willing to provide these benefits will be attractive to potential hires from this generation. They will likely find success in recruiting top talent from this demographic group.

By understanding what Gen-Z expects from the workplace, employers can create roles that appeal directly to members of this generation – ensuring everyone wins.

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