Using Tiktok and Instagram to Land Your Dream Job


As a generation of digital natives, Gen-Zers have grown up with social media platforms in their daily lives. While it’s easy to imagine using platforms like Instagram and TikTok as places to share funny memes and connect with friends, social media is no longer just a place for entertainment – it’s also a tool that can help you land your dream job. That’s right, you don’t have to resort to handing out resumes on the street corner or submitting countless job applications online.

Whether looking for an internship or a full-time position, the right platform can give you the exposure and connections you need to make your career goals a reality.

According to research84% of organizations are recruiting through social media and 70% of managers have had success hiring through social media. But the thing is how are they doing it? Let’s find out.


In 2021, TikTok launched TikTok Resumes, a platform that allows users to create digital resumes and apply for jobs directly through the app.

The New York Times calls TikTok the new search engine for Gen Z. If you want to be visible and get the attention of potential employers, then creating a TikTok resume could be just what you need.

What is a TikTok Resume?


A TikTok resume is a 60-second video resume posted to TikTok that showcases your job experience, skills, and creativity. It can be a great way to stand out from the crowd and show potential employers that you’re creative and have the skills they’re looking for.

It is available in over 150 countries, has over 1 billion users, and has been downloaded over 210 million times in the United States alone. Can you imagine the potential to reach potential employer or even find jobs from this platform?

Companies like Chipotle, Target, WWE, and Shopify are teaming up with TikTok Resumes. This pilot program lets job candidates submit video resumes on the social platform.

Tiktok-screentimeAnd, with an average of over 1.2 billion video views per day, it’s safe to say that TikTok is becoming a popular platform. With social media accounts on other platforms, it’s time you should also create one on Tiktok.

The key to successfully using this platform for your job search is to be creative and showcase the unique skills that make you stand out from the crowd.

Whether presenting as an expert in your field or showcasing a unique talent, brands can easily be drawn to you by having an attractive and engaging profile.

For example, A student from Yale University Kahlil Greene, known as “The Gen-Z Historian” TikTok posted his first video on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, 2021, and the rest was history — literally. After studying social change and movements at Yale University, Greene took to TikTok to teach people about Black culture and lesser-known stories.

In a short amount of time, he amassed 1.3 million views. Now with more than 500,000 followers on various platforms (such as Instagram and LinkedIn), instead of working in consulting post-graduation, Greene will be pursuing a job in public education fulltime.


If you search my name “Mark Zides” you can see my Instagram profile is ranking in 4th position. Now, it is not because I have uploaded some photographs or written on the platform.

What makes Instagram a powerful job search tool is that employers can easily get to know you and learn more about your work experience and skillset without needing a formal resume.

With just one click, potential recruiters can see your posts, stories, highlights, and even the type of people you follow.

Instagram gives recruiters a glimpse into your life, which can be beneficial when finding the perfect candidate for the job.

Instagram also allows you to showcase your talents and skills with videos and images, enabling employers to see exactly what kind of person you are and what qualities you offer.

For Example, Iman vellani is a Pakistani-Canadian actress who got the role of Kamala Khan in a Marvel series on Instagram. Can you believe it?

From college to Marvel because of Instagram. There was nothing special on her Instagram account but a few of her old photos showing how fig fan she is of marvel characters.

(Bonus) Leverage LinkedIn

After Instagram and Tiktok there is another platform that everyone should use.


LinkedIn has 57 million organizations on its platform. And 875 million users in more than 200 countries and territories worldwide.

Now a platform with such a huge user base is a great opportunity for job seekers. The best part is it’s totally free. You just have to create an optimized linked profile and start networking.

With LinkedIn, you can connect with employers worldwide and dramatically expand your pool of potential opportunities. Additionally, you can join relevant groups to network with other professionals and stay up to date on industry news and trends.

When efficiently utilized, LinkedIn provides valuable resources many students overlook while searching for their perfect career path.

Creating and maintaining an intriguing profile with contact information will also increase your chances of connecting with recruiters and potentially securing job offers.

Beyond that, it is important to keep discovering new skills to help you stand out in the job market. Using LinkedIn to do just that is one of the first steps toward success.

Tips for Using Social Media To Find Your Dream Job

You cannot share anything you like on social media. Every post you make should be well-thought and purposeful. To help you out, I have put together five tips to help you use social media to get the job you want and deserve.

Google Yourself

First, clean your online presence and ensure that anything about you is positive. Google yourself by typing your name into a search engine and viewing what’s out there. Then, if you find something inappropriate or negative, take the initiative to remove it or contact the website administrator to have it removed.

Be Professional

A friendly heads up, 41 percent of job recruiters will judge your online photo before ever meeting you. So always remember to be professional on social media.

Keep your posts professional, showcase work samples or projects you have completed, and post comments representing yourself in the best light possible.

Add the Right Details

Adding the right contact details on your social media profiles is essential. If you have one, you should include your full name, your job title, and a link to your website or portfolio page.

This will make it easy for recruiters who find your profile to contact you. And don’t forget about leaving an email that you check regularly.

Network with the Right People

When networking on social media, think of quality over quantity. Start by adding industry leaders, influencers, and peers in a similar field of work.

This will help you build relationships and potentially get your foot on an employer’s door. And there is a chance that someone you have networked with may refer you for a job.

Be Active and Engaged

Finally, be active on social media. You should regularly post content related to your career and engage with content from others in the industry.

This will help build your brand and make it easier for employers to find you when looking for a qualified candidate. Now I’m not saying to be active 24/7. You can fix two hours daily to engage with people online.

Get Endorsements

Do you know how reviews are one of the first things you see when you search for a product online? Well, these are the equivalent of endorsements on your LinkedIn profile.

Don’t be shy to ask people you have worked with or studied to vouch for your skills and capabilities. It will make it easier for recruiters to get an idea about you before they even contact you.

Be Yourself

You’re allowed to have a private life. It’s not like you have to post everything on social media pages to make an impression. You can keep Facebook private so that only your friends can see you and use LinkedIn to showcase your professional achievements.

This will also help make recruiters more interested in what you have achieved rather than what you’re up to on the weekend.

Remember that Employers aren’t looking for a perfect human being but qualified candidates.

Start Preparing for the Job of Your Dreams

Now it’s time to start utilizing the tips mentioned above to find your dream job. Social media can be a great tool if you use it properly and with purpose. So get out there and start networking. Good luck and keep the #PACE.


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