“What motivates you to start your day with passion and purpose? For me, it’s the potential to launch, grow, build, and elevate the businesses and careers of those around me.”

-Mark zides

Mark Zides is a pioneering authority in the realms of future work, business scaling for entrepreneurs, and AI-driven marketing for growth-oriented companies. He's renowned for his startup mentality across marketing, AI, HR, leadership, learning, and the future of work. Mark's bestselling book, "The #PACE Process for Early Career Success," has guided numerous young professionals on their career journeys. With a TEDx talk and a talent for devising and executing growth strategies for small businesses, Mark stands as a go-to resource for building thriving enterprises. An entrepreneur and disruptor at heart, he leverages decades of experience in innovation and strategy to bring novel concepts to life, shaping the future of learning and business.

Mark is a captivating and thought-provoking mentor and speaker who centers his focus on the evolving landscape of the workplace, AI, learning, and technology. Whether you're a Fortune 1000 company, a bold startup, or an individual seeking professional guidance, Mark is the ally you need to foster innovation, growth, and the realization of your personal brand and business ambitions.

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A toast to the success of future generations, The #PACE Process For Early Career Success distills Mark’s experience in transforming dreams into reality across diverse and ever-changing business landscapes.

This guide for Millennial and Gen Z job-seekers prepares them for the realities of researching, interviewing, and landing their dream job through a series of straightforward, actionable steps, known as Plays.

Ambitious dreamers can also take the accompanying #PACE course to maximize the potential of their job search.

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What can Mark do for You?

Serving as your on-demand partner or co-founder, Mark can provide full-stack infrastructure — capital, talent, expertise, and overarching methodology — to efficiently build successful startups. Think “AWS for building startups”.

For 30 years Mark has built future leaders in hundreds of organizations. From startups to Fortune 500’s he has designed and implemented world-class onboarding, training, and leadership programs that have created sustainable organizations

Mark will provide you with the content, knowledge and tools to stay ahead of the game and achieve success in this rapidly evolving talent and workplace landscape.

Ignite immediate impact by leveraging Mark’s deep expertise, knowledge, proven methodologies, content, capital resources, fresh perspective, and widespread network.

Unlock the secrets to growth and success working with Mark and his team. He and his network have over 50+ years of experience and expertise to help you bring your business to the next level.


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"Whether you’re looking for a CEO, board member, business partner, consultant, or professional mentor, I'm here here to lift you up, point the way, and help you set a solid #PACE towards your success."

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